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WSC searches (Word: sublibrary & collection) may give unexpected results when searching the full UXU01 database.

  • A search on a truncated sublibrary code to retrieve all of a library's holdings may include another librarie's holdings. This occurs mostly if the sublibrary code is truncated, especially if truncated to the 2-letter stem (e.g. WSC=FA*, WSC=GC*, WSC=FI*). One library's 2-letter sublibrary stem may be another library's collection code.
  • The most extreme example is WSC=GC*. WSC=GC* retrieves all of FGCU's holdings. It also retrieves all UCF holdings in collection GC, the general collection. The search WSC=GC* makes it appear that FGCU's holdings have doubled overnight.
  • Another example is WSC=FI* to retrieve all FIU holdings. It also retrieves other libraries' collection FIC (fiction).
  • Moral of the story: be cautious when truncating WSC searches.
  • Also be cautious when searching on just the collection code, e.g. GEN or REF. You may retrieve other libraries' holdings with yours. It's better to search WSC=<sublibrary> <collection>.
  • Search bases have been defined for each library. Most use a WSC search on your truncated sublibrary code. As a result they may contain some records for other libraries.

Planned solution:

  • A new index for just sublibraries, WSB, has been defined. In this version of UXTest, it has been defined in UXU60 only. In the next iteration of UXTest, it will be defined in UXU01 as well.
  • WSB will be a more accurate index to retrieve all holdings for a university, whether for search bases or for export.
  • WSC will remain the same as it's needed for sublibrary+collection retrieval.
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