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UBorrow is now working in UXTest, the Shared Bib test environment. You place requests in the Shared Bib Mango and process them in Aleph ILL. Older requests that were made before the test database was created need to be upgraded. FCLA is currently working on doing that. Below is the beginning of documentation about differences in the Shared Bib Aleph ILL environment. The Mango part of UBorrow had to be adapted to work with the new environment, but the changes will not effect the users.

Testing UBorrow in Shared Bib

(The Elluminate recording of the 5/10/12 "UBorrow in Shared Bib" session is available here.)

NOTE: Coordinate with UBorrow colleagues to test both sides of the process.

Please complete initial testing and by June 1, 2012

1. Download and install your institution's Aleph UXTest Client - if you haven't already.

  • Right-click on the Printer icon to set all printing to Preview (so you can see the printouts).

2. Migrated requests -- Status should update as expected on both sides

  • Look up some borrowing requests and continue processing - Receive, Loan, Return, Cancel - and see what happens.
  • Look up some lending requests and continue processing - Ship, Check-in, etc. - and see what happens

3. New UBorrow requests

  • Go to http://testcat.fcla.edu/sharedbib and place some new UBorrow requests
    • Those held in SULs should appear in your Borrowing queue, be Located and process as normal.
    • Those that should direct to ILLiad should do so correctly

4. Report problems'

  • To the UBorrow list (be sure to indicate Shared Bib so we know that's what to check), or
  • To the FCLA help desk using uborrow@prb.fcla.edu, or
  • To your Shared Bib Implementation Team liaison

FCLA still working on

  • Scripts to update everything during the migration (instead of Jennifer doing directly)
  • Updating all the migrated Circ records to reflect the new Codes (see below)
  • Testing the automatic server jobs (pullslips, expirations, archiving)
  • Mango display of Title in the Requests list (discovered 5/11/12)

Visible changes in Shared Bib Aleph ILL

1. Partner / Supplier codes

The UBorrow partner / supplier codes have been updated to six-character codes, following this format: XXUILL. A complete list of the old and updated codes is available here.

This example shows the partner record for FSU's borrowing unit: UB-partner-code.jpg

  • The first two letters will always be the institution code (e.g. FS, NC, etc.).
  • The third letter represents the type of institution (U for the SULs, C for the colleges when they are added).
  • The last three characters match the three-letter code following the colon in the Institution Symbol field on the Partner record, Communication tab (e.g. FSUUBX corresponds to FDA:ubx, NCUCOO corresponds to FHC:coo) UB-partner-suffix.jpg

2. UBorrow Patron IDs

Each UBorrow partner needs a corresponding patron record so that when items are "Shipped", they can simultaneously be checked out to that library in Circulation. This example shows the New College UBorrow partner's patron record in FSU:


The patron records are formatted as follows:

  • Aleph System Number = XXU50-XXUILL
    • XXU50 represents the ADM library which handles the circ transactions, e.g. FSU50, NCU50.
    • XXUILL represents the specific UBorrow partner code, e.g. FSUUBX, NCUCOO.
  • Aleph Barcode = XXUILL
    • Specific UBorrow partner code. This is primarily for ease of retrieval if you need to look the UBorrow partner's Circ record up.

3. Patron record "ILL Unit"


Since the UBorrow partner codes are updated, the corresponding ILL Library in each patron record also needs to be updated. This is set when requests are placed in Mango, and determines which borrowing unit handles the patron's request. It's important for determining where the requested item is actually delivered once "Received".

4. Staff permission "ILL Unit"


The updated UBorrow partner codes also need to be set in staff permissions. These will be updated as one of the steps on migration to shared bib.

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