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Items on this list are questions, concerns, things to investigate, big problems that need resolution, etc. Each one should eventually have a link that leads to more information.


Guidelines, etc.

Proprietary Enhanced Records

Proprietary Records

Testing Plan

Multiple URLS in Union Mango

CAT fields in Bib records

CAT fields in HOLdings records

Implementing HOL OWN Codes

STA-Suppressed in Bib records

STA-Deleted in Bib records

599 Field


Commercial Discovery Tools and Mango/Aleph

LKR and ANA tags

What effect will Shared Bib have on Mango?

Shared configuration tables-- what needs to be done?

Decision tree for deleted records

Value in keeping electronic vs. print records separate

Serials Solutions deduping of records

WSC searching in a merged database

Patron cleanup

How are proxy patrons handled by merge?

Self-check setup

PLIF changes

Are there reasons for User Sharing = Y? (e.g. UBorrow patrons)

Course reserves cleanup

Are there any changes to Course Reserves workflow needed with a shared Bib?

HOLdings display in client

Exporting Bib Records from the Shared Bib

Setting up additional instance (ADM, etc) for Shared Storage

Shared Storage scripts: updates of collection and item status, transfer of Aleph holds to AIMS

STA Values

Liaison Action Items

Bib/HOL/Items/Order Matrix


Long Records, Long Fields

Search by Old Aleph Bib Number

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