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December 2011
  • CSUL authorizes FCLA to slow down or defer projects competing with SB at their discretion.(DONE)
  • Complete indexing on Dev server. Configuration setup and testing of first merged database of all 11 SULs.(DONE)
  • Complete Patron and Permissions files merge.(DONE)
  • Adjust and update Aleph tables for new configuration.(PARTIALLY DONE)
  • Begin initial steps for merged UXTest database.(DONE)
  • Work on documentation and release notes for January f2f meeting.(DONE)
January 2012
  • Send at least one representative to the F2F Implementation Meeting at FCLA.(DONE)
  • Continue workflow analysis and documentation.(ONGOING)
  • Review new full merge of 11 SULs in UX database in Test.(ONGOING)
  • Host the F2F Implementation Meeting with a representative(s) from each SUL.(DONE)
  • Complete merge and all post-steps on UX database in Test.(DONE)
  • Create Mango based on UX merged database and all the individual Mango views.(DONE)
  • Configure and setup of Courses Reserves.(POSTPONED UNTIL LATE MARCH)
  • Release new GenLoad to work with SB.(POSTPONED UNTIL MARCH)
February 2012
  • Continue the pilot project institutions experiences and cleanup projects with the SUL implementation teams.(DONE)
  • Review and expand  SUL-wide written policies and guidelines as needed.(ONGOING)
  • Test Course Reserves. (POSTPONED UNTIL MARCH)
  • All SULs functional testing in all areas.(ONGOING)
  • Report all problems to FCLA.(ONGOING)
  • Write Quarterly Report for CSUL. (DONE)
  • Elluminate presentations for orientation of all statewide staff.(DONE)
  • Begin UBorrow setup.(ONGOING)
  • Rewrite programs for Bib/holdings extracts to Summon, EDS, Rapid/ILL, Acq vendors, etc.(POSTPONED UNTIL MARCH)
  • ARROW report creation and ETL specification and creation.(ONGOING)
March 2012
  • Continue SUL-wide written policies and guidelines.
  • All SULs participate in training, testing and feedback.
  • Continue UBorrow setup and testing.
  • Continue in-depth testing of functionality in all the modules.
  • Setup and testing job_list.
  • Setup and testing of custom services and reports.
April 2012
  • UBorrow adjustments and testing.
  • All SULs participate in orientation for staff, testing and feedback.
  • Testing services, reports, and printing.
  • Continue Mango testing.
  • ETL specification and creation, ARROW report creation, statistics report modification.
  • Continue UBorrow setup and testing.
  • Help with developing procedures for transition.
  • Finalize UBorrow setup/configuration.
May 2012
  • All SULs participate in orientation for staff, testing and feedback.
  • Continue analysis and adjustments to workflow.
  • Complete SUL-wide written policies and guidelines.
  • Database may be partially frozen.
  • 'Finalize procedures for transition.
  • ARROW report creation and update testing.
  • Analysis and adjustments based on feedback.
  • Finalize procedures for transition period.
June 2012
  • Final testing of all functions.
  • Completing policies and guidelines to workflow.
  • Coordinate freeze of bib database
  • Migration to Shared Bib
  • Begin setup in Production.
  • Complete all steps possible for the pre-merge.
  • Perform Oracle and Aleph table copy
  • Merge/Indexing
  • Test new merged UX and make sure everything is working correctly.
October 2011
  • Pilot Project libraries, FSU, UF, USF testing merge of Bib records, Holdings, Items, Serials, Acquisitions, Authorities, Circulation basic functionality.(DONE)
  • Continue testing Aleph Services and Printing.(DONE)
  • Start planning what gets loaded centrally versus by individual institutions.(ONGOING)
  • Rewrite merge program for all 11 SULs.(DONE)
  • Start planning for Bib loading; centrally versus by individual institutions.(ONGOING)
  • Have Development Server setup for initial test merge of all 11. (DONE)
  • Continue writing reports used for data cleanup projects. (DONE)
  • Rewrite scripts used in merge for HOL records and linking. (DONE)
November 2011
  • Discussion with TSPC and cleanup of TKR fields.
  • Workflows and planning for ongoing loading of Bib records.(ONGOING)
  • Reviewing and testing new configuration of the merged Local Authority files.(DONE)
  • Specifications for ongoing load, Genload with merging decisions.(ONGOING)
  • Review existing Arrow reports, identify modifications needed to work in SB.(ONGOING)
  • Analyze for ways to speed up entire merge process.
  • Ran updated merge program for all 11 SULs.(ONGOING)
  • Began indexing in the Aleph libraries.(DONE)
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