Sharing Workflows in the Shared Bib Environment

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Workflow Changes and Discussions due to Shared Bib Implementation

  • Please add your institution's workflow to the pages below.
  • Create new pages to add new workflow topics for sharing.

SBTF Priority List

EOCR workflow discussion

  • FAU and UF contributions

Discussion of Duplicates and Processing Records

  • Discussions of duplicates and cleaning up the Shared bib database
  • Possible GenLoad enhancements

Loading WCP records with GenLoad

  • UCF and FIU contribution

Post SB Reports

  • FIU has specific questions about SB reports and services available in the client. They will submit RT tickets with details.

Workflows for Duplicate Fields in Bib Records

  • FIU contribution

Records and Product Changes from Proquest

  • FAU

PDA Workflows

  • FIU contribution

Slow Running Reports

  • FIU contribution
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