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There are Aleph configuration tables, templates, and other files whose settings vary among the universities.

  • In some cases there can be only one configuration SUL-wide. FCLA will with Implementation Team members on consensus setting.
  • In other cases there can be multiple configurations but routines, files, etc. need to be renamed to indicate the university.

Indexing Tables The reindexing project several years used a common set of indexing tables for all 11 universities. A few local changes have crept back in. These local indexes will be added to the UXTest tables.

Fix Routines Aleph has fix routines that are applied automatically when a record is created or updated in the client (INS and INS2) or by certain processes such as ue_01 (the indexing process). There can be only one version of these routines. Other fixes can be manually applied when updating a record, loading records, exporting records, or running certain services. There can be institution-specific versions of these routines as long as they have unique names. Analysis of the routines used in Prod is underway and being documented in PROD "Fix" Tables Comparison (Google spreadsheet)

Cataloging Templates Different libraries may have variants of the same template for a new bib, such as the one for BK format, all using the same name. Two questions arise here:

  • Can each version of the different templates be retained and just be renamed to identify the university?
  • OR should there be some consensus about what the basic BK, SE, etc. template should look like and just one version retained?

TAB 100 Setting about automatically creating item with an order needs to be set in the Admin Tab100 table, not the shared table.

tab_sub_library.eng This table contains the display names for all of the SUL sublibraries. For shared bib display, it will be advantageous to add institution names (e.g. "UNF General Collections" instead of "General Collections")

tab_bor_id.eng List of id types and display names for each. Because the id records all "live" in the same file in shared bib, one table is used. Decisions on generalizing this may be needed.

More will be added to this page as testing proceeds.

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