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  • The Shared Bib project involves changing the Aleph environments that FCLA supports.
  • Currently only the Aleph software, the hardware and the authority files are shared between the 11 SULs.
  • In the Shared Bib environment some data files and some configuration tables are shared and some are not.
  • Shared Bib environment on Aleph test server for the 3 Pilot libraries was called SBTest.
  • FCLA is building a new environment with a merge of all SULs called UXTest.
  • Some shared files will be created by merging data based on specifications and some will be created by aggregating existing data into one file.
  • Aleph software, files in the shared Alephe directory, and many scratch and print directories are shared.
  • Aleph calls certain groups of files: “libraries”. For example the Bib. Library has the Bib. file, all bib index files and configuration files associated with Bibs, etc.











  • Bib. record merge:
    • Match on OCLC#, other numbers
    • Review of every tag to determine treatment
    • Some data cleanup as we merge
  • Merge of HOLdings files, renumber holdings records
  • Copy shared aleph tables from one SUL, make adjustments
  • Copy non-shared data and aleph tables to new environment
  • Relink of HOL and ADM info
  • Merge UXU50 Permissions file and global patron records
  • Merge Local Authority files into UXU10
  • Output records to Mango
  • Indexing
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