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People have expressed interest in being able to search records in Shared Bib by the Aleph system number from your individual bib libraries. A new direct index called OAN (Old Aleph Number) has been defined for this.

The format for the search term is <old bib library><old bib number>. Include leading zeros in the bib number to fill it out to 9 digits. Case doesn't matter.

Sample OAN Searches
University -- Old Aleph Number -- Search in UXU01
FAMU FAMU01 000098236 OAN=AMU01000098236
FAU FAU01 000098236 OAN=FAU01000098236
FGCU GCU01 000098236 OAN=GCU01000098236
FIU FIU01 000098236 OAN=FIU01000098236
FSU FSU01 000098236 OAN=FSU01000098236
NCF NCU01 000098236 OAN=NCU01000098236
UCF CFU01 000098236 OAN=CFU01000098236
UF UFU01 000098236 OAN=UFU01000098236
UNFNFU01 000098236OAN=NFU01000098236
USFSFU01 000098236OAN=SFU01000098236
UWFWFU01 000098236OAN=WFU01000098236

It's possible to use a file of old bib numbers to generate a file of the corresponding new bib numbers in UXU01. The old bib numbers should have the format <old bib library><old bib number>. For example,


To retrieve the new bib numbers, use this file of old numbers as the input file for the service Retrieve Records by Direct Index (ret-06) under Services / Retrieve Catalog Records in UXU01. The Search Index is OAN. The library is UXU01. The ret-06 output is a file of the corresponding UXU01 bib numbers.

Here's a sample ret-06 form:


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