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  • In Aleph there are two ways to "delete" a bib record: physical and virtual deletes. The first one happens when you Delete Record from Server (under Edit Text), click Record Manager/Total Delete, or run the batch delete service (manage_33). The other is adding an STA tag with DELETED as the content. This is called a virtual delete because the bib record remains, but it is unindexed and doesn't show in the Aleph OPAC or Mango. (It's still retrievable by Aleph system number.)
  • In the current environment deleted records and any holdings, items, orders, etc. linked to them are not accessible through Mango or other public interfaces.
  • The merge specification requires that deleted bibs be dropped during the merge. This means both physically and virtually deleted records.
  • In previous merges we found that there were "orphaned" records such as HOLs, items, orders, etc. that had been linked to a virtually deleted record. They are orphaned because the bib record they were linked to does not exist in the shared bib database.
  • UXTest will have the same problem. STA DELETED bibs will not be included in the merge and there will be the orphaned HOLs, Items, orders, etc. included in the uxu60 and non-shared institutional libraries. You probably won't find them unless you are specifically looking for them.
  • To make the next merge cleaner, i.e. no orphaned records, FCLA is planning to remove all STA DELETED bib records and any records linked to them from the Production Database in March.
  • ARROW Reports identify bib records with an STA DELETED tag that would have orphaned holdings, items, orders, etc. in Shared Bib. The libraries will have until March 1st to do any cleanup they want to do in their current Production database. After March 1st, FCLA will remove the STA DELETED bib records and their related ADM/HOL records from Production. When and if we do a second UX merge, none of the STA DELETED bib records or their linked records will be in the Shared Bib database. Also, they will be gone and cleaned up in Prod before the final merge in June. Update: STA DELETED records were physically deleted 3/2/12-3/5/12. Another STA DELETED cleanup will be done before the production merge to catch new STA DELETEDs that creep in.
  • Guidelines and procedures will be written with the Implementation Team for how and when to both physically and virtually delete/suppress/withdraw records for ongoing consistency in the new Shared Bib environment.
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