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Name of Project

Shared Bib Implementation Project

Shared Bib Project Organizational Chart

Google Doc which takes a stab at how the project fits into the existing CSUL groups.

Steering Committee

Small group responsible for overseeing the Project from the CSUL point of view. The Implementation Team can forward appropriate issue to this group. The Steering Committee will be responsible for ensuring the project is on track and for informing CSUL about its progress.

Members: CSUL Liaisons (Laura Probst (FIU) and Barry Baker (UCF)) SBPP Liaisons (Amy Weiss, Betsy Simpson and Susan Heron),TSPC chair (Jeffrey Bowen) and FCLA (Ellen Bishop and Jean Phillips)

Meetings: as needed

Implementation Team (SBIT)

The Implementation Team will work together to coordinate the project, test features, propose guidelines and procedures, identify issues, work collaboratively to resolve issues, etc. Subgroups can be created as needed. When possible the existing CSUL groups will be used. In addition to serving on the Implementation Team Liaisons are responsible for two-way communication to and from their institution and for representing the needs of their institution.


Local Implementation Team

Each liaison will be working with their local implementation team as appropriate. Areas to include: Cataloging, Authorities, Serials, Acquisitions, UBorrow, Circulation and Reserves.

FCLA Shared Bib Team

FCLA will be responsible for establishing test environments, programs for merging of bibliographic and local authority data according to the specifications, transition planning to minimize downtime and impact on staff work, communication, fixing problems/issues, making Aleph work in the new configuration at least as well as it did in the old, etc. FCLA will also provide reports for decision making and identification of cleanup projects.

The FCLA team has been established, they meet Tuesday afternoons at 2:00, at other times as needed.


SBIT Meetings via Elluminate

FCLA has establish a reusable Elluminate link to use for Implementation Team meetings.

Weekly Elluminate Meetings: Monday 3:00 - 4:00 PM Here's the link:

Face 2 Face

The Face 2 Face meeting of the SBIT happened on January 10, 2012. This meeting was a kick off meeting, designed to bring attendees up to date on what has been done in the Pilot project and work together to establish tasks to be done, review the timetable and discuss the best way to proceed. Only brief notes were recorded. You can find them on the Meeting Notes and Agendas page.

Quarterly Reports to CSUL

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