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There are two types of Shared Bib reports, those used for pre- and post-merge analysis and cleanup and ARROW/Ad Hoc reports from the merged database.


Post Implementation Cleanup

Links to selected cleanup reports. Additional reports can be requested via email to RT Printing and Reports

Cleanup Project Reports

A number of potential pre- and post-merge cleanup projects have been identified and reports created to support them. The Cleanup Project Reports list includes brief description of the cleanup needed and links to either ARROW reports or Google Spreadsheets. Additions and updates include a date.

Report to help you identify groups of TKRs you might want to remove

Possible TKRs to Remove

ARROW and Ad Hoc Reports Using the Shared Bib and Holdings Files

The first step in the process of report creation will be the modification of the ETLs (Extract, Transform, Load) that populate the Data Warehouse tables that are the basis for most ARROW reports.

The next step will be the rewrite of existing ARROW and statistic reports.

Reports will be modified in priority order based first on sample use data then by the results of liaison votes. Votes should be recorded on the Shared Bib ARROW Priority List - ADDED 3/26



--Use the xxREPORT client to run Aleph reports during the downtime. Technically, you can continue running these report through December 2012 but should switch to using the xxSBREPORT Client when the Report server has been upgraded.

--ARROW reports will be available on June 28 until they are replaced but the new versions. We will add a "REPORT VALID THROUGH JUNE 22" banner to the "old" input forms to identify those which have not yet been upgraded. Updated 6/25


--Use the xxSBREPORT client to run Aleph reports as soon as the Report server has been upgraded on approximately 7/6. You can run reports on both pre and post merge data or a combination of both.

--ARROW reports will gradually be replaced with the new versions beginning on approximately 7/6. You can run the new new ARROW reports on both pre and post merge data or a combination of both.

Use ARROW Report Upgrade Statusto check to see which ARROW reports have been upgraded to the Shared Bib versions. Bold denotes the new version that includes data through the prior evening.

Libraries that have created their own reports, scripts, macros, etc. will also need to modify them. We hope to give them access to the new tables prior to the production merge but there is currently no timetable.

Shared Bib Reporting FAQ

The TSPC Statistics Keeping Task Force posed question to FCLA about reports/statistics in the Shared Bib environment. Below are the questions they raised and the brief answers we could provide at the time at the time. As we gain experience working with the shared bib and holdings files our we can more fully answer these questions. I will also add questions and answers that come up as we go along. Feel free to post any additional questions.

What types of Aleph reports will be available in a shared bib environment?

FCLA: The focus will have to be on making sure existing reports are converted to use the shared bib and holdings environments. It also depends on what the FCLA future holds but yes, I would expect there will be new reports.

Does FCLA envision any new Aleph reports based on SUL-wide data?

FCLA: I would guess pretty much the same as are currently available. Possibly some new if time doesn't run out.

Are there any existing Aleph reports that will not be available in a shared bib environment?

FCLA: Can't know for sure until testing.

Will it be possible to run institution-specific Aleph reports?

FCLA: Yes. Every report you could ever think of? That's an unknown.

What are the advantages and disadvantages to running Aleph reports in a shared bib environment?

FCLA: To be determined

Will the shared bib environment impact the time it takes to run an Aleph report?

FCLA: Probably

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