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ProQuest migration from LexisNexis

On 2/25/13, we received email from ProQuest announcing that updated MARC Records reflecting the migration from LexisNexis are now available for the following products we have purchased: ProQuest Congressional Hearings Digital Collections (CHDC) and ProQuest U.S. Serial Set Digital Collections (I & II). We opened a ticket in the RT queue and Daniel confirmed that the following process is a valid approach:

  • retrieve the CHDC records in SB: (UXU60: WTK: tickler= chdc* AND WOW: owning library= fa)

The result is 76,040 records. This corresponds closely to the number of CHDC records in our Old Aleph REPT (76,041).

  • manage-70 to convert the HOL#s to BIB#s
  • p-08 with output of BIB# and Location (All Attached), to identify records with other SULs' HOLs attached.

The resulting file in uxu01/print, "chdcbib2" which ran as Job ID#257710, identified 29 records with other SULs' HOLs.

  • To Do:
    • -Delete the 29 BIB #s (records with other SUL HOLs) from the "chdcbib" file. Make changes to these records manually as needed.
    • -Do a series of global changes on the remaining "chdbib" records using manage-21 to Find & Replace per ProQuest instructions at, as follows:
  1. Delete existing 040 field. Add new 040 field: 040 $aUMI$cUMI
  2. Replace “LexisNexis Congressional” with “ProQuest Congressional” in the 500 note field.
  3. Replace “LexisNexis Academic & Library Solutions” with “ProQuest, LLC” in the 500 note field.
  4. Replace “LexisNexis Academic & Library Solutions” to “ProQuest” in subfield c of the 533 field.
  5. Replace “LexisNexis U.S.” with “ProQuest U.S.” in subfield n of the 533 field.
  6. Replace “LexisNexis” with “ProQuest” in the second subfield n of the 533 field.
  7. Replace “LexisNexis” with “ProQuest” in the 730 field.
  8. Replace “” with “” in all 856 fields.


On 3/8/13 we received the following email from ProQuest:

Dear Customers,

We are sorry to inform you that we have discovered an issue with some of the MARC records that we recently made available to you for downloading via our FTP site. Specifically, this issue is:

-Congressional Hearings Digital Collection B (CHDC B) and Congressional Record Digital Collection (CRDC) records had their records control number renumbered. This will impact the ability for an institution to match old records and overlay new records.

We are in the process of checking all other records to see if any other renumbering issues exist. We have checked to see if this situation would impact the other suggested methods of updating/changing records and we have found that it is fine to proceed with:

  • Deleting old records and loading new ones, or
  • Finding/replacing URLs

If customers want to use the overlay option where they replace their old records with the new records one-for-one, please contact Customer Service and we will put you in touch with our Catalog Librarian, Scott Whittaker before you begin. Scott will work with customers on an individual basis to figure out what needs to be done to make the overlay option work for their particular institution.

  • Customer Service email address:
  • Customer Service: 1-800-521-0600 ext. 72971


Further to the above, on 5/01/13 we received the following from ProQuest:

MARC Records:

Shortly after we put our files of MARC records for the Congressional Hearings Digital Collection (CHDC) and Congressional Research Digital Collection (CRDC) with ProQuest pointing URLs instead of LexisNexis pointing URLs on our ftp server, we became aware that the record numbers in the records on the ftp server did not match the record numbers in the CHDC and CRDC records that were in a customer’s catalog. This resulted in numerous instances in which the new record overlaid the incorrect existing record. In response, we removed the CHDC and CRDC records from the ftp server and compared the record numbers in those files with those from older sets of records that had been available to customers in past years. We discovered that there were record numbers in the files of older records that did not exist in the records with the new URLs. We also discovered that the same was true for the Serial Set 1 monographs and serials and the Unpublished Congressional Hearings MARC records.

We have reposted the CHDC and CRDC records on the ftp server.

  • 1. If you have never loaded the MARC records for our digital collections, there should be no problem with loading the records on the ftp server.
  • 2. If you have loaded our CHDC, CRDC, Serial Set 1 or Unpublished Congressional Hearings records with LexisNexis pointing URLs into your catalog in the past and now want to load the new records, we strongly recommend that you delete the records for those collections that are in your catalog now and load the new ones, or that you use the find and replace function of your integrated library system to make the changes to the URL and other fields as found in the instructions here:
  • 3. If these options are not possible for you, and you want to load the new records and overlay your existing records, search your catalog for the record number ranges listed below for each collection that you own.
    • CHDC: cis2007476005 - cis2007479250
    • CRDC: cis2007500001 - cis2007519600
    • Unpublished Congressional Hearings: cis2007529200 - cis2007529080
    • Serial Set 1 monographs: cis2004500633 - cis2004500646
    • Serial Set 1 serials: cis2004318001 - cis200432164

If these record numbers are in the records in your catalog, the new records will not load correctly. Please contact our Cataloging Librarian, Scott Whittaker, He will work with you to provide you with records that will overlay your records and resolve the issue. If you have any questions regarding this message, you can contact Scott with those as well. We apologize for any inconvenience that this has caused or may cause. As usual, we will be keeping you posted as we make additional enhancements. But in the meantime, if you should have any questions, please click here (links to ProQuest Support).

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