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There are two types of proprietary records: one type is when the entire record was purchased from a vendor and the other is when individual field enhancements are purchased from a vendor. This page addresses the first type, the second type is addressed under the topic Proprietary Enhanced Records.

During the Pilot Project the Deans asked a small group of E-Resource librarians to look at this issue. Here's the link to the Single Bib Proprietary Advisory Group Report (word) dated October 25, 2010. One outstanding recommendation from the report called for FCLA to insert a statement in the Bib. records to address the 1st type.

Action needed on a written policy to not use another institutions' records that are marked with the STA of Do Not Offload:

  • shouldn't add holdings to a record that is marked Do Not Offload, unless your institution purchased the records also
  • no technical way to do this
  • do we need another note on the record as recommended in the above report? FCLA is worried about the work to do this and the increase in record size
  • records without OCLC numbers may not merge, the merge will handle matching on OCLC, Serials Solutions and CIS numbers.

Examples of proprietary records:

  • From Pat Bingham-Harper: "At the FSU Law Research Center we’ve purchased many catalog records from Cassidy Cataloging – they are not part of the OCLC system (no 035) and have a STA of DO NOT OFFLOAD"
  • From Masako Patrum "It seems that FIU also has purchased catalog records that do not have OCLC numbers. They are mostly for MF and from CIS and 20th Century Legal Treatises"
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