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  • Individual SULs have licensed from a vendor enhancements to their bibliographic records. UF, UCF and UWF currently do this with Table of Contents (TOC) and other fields. In a SharedBib environment this content will be marked as belonging to that institution (with a $5) and be viewed in the Mango catalog only by the owning institution. All the notes will be viewable to staff in the Aleph cataloging clients.
  • At the Face to Face meeting (1/10/12) the group discussed this issue of enhanced records. The group recommended that CSUL consider negotiating with these vendors to extend to these records to the other universities, which will likely require additional funding. Betsy Simpson and Steve Carrico of UF volunteered to contact their vendor (YBP) and coordinate their work with UCF and UWF.
  • At the March CSUL meeting they agreed to this plan, Mary Page and Michael Arthur are the right people to talk to at UCF.
  • UF sends a file once a year to YBP of bib. records from their bib. file for the titles published in print the previous year. YBP returns a file of records with the enhanced TOC in the 970 field if they found a match in their file. UF loads these records into their bib. file adding the TOC fields. The updated records are transferred to Mango, they are tagged in a way that they only show in UF's catalog and not the Union catalog.
  • YBP asked for some overlap statistics with the other SULs.
  • UCF has been in contact with a representative from YBP regarding enhanced tables of contents. YBP will allow all the SUS libraries to share UF's enriched TOCs for a one-time payment of $30,000. This figure does not currently include UCF's TOCs but it is possible that YBP might be convinced to include them since there are only a few (approx. 500) of these.

Counts of records at other FL institutions matching UF's 10,937 records with TOC data added by YBP. 3/17/12.

Institution Count Percentage
AM 1,497 13.69%
CF 3,519 32.18%
FA 2,217 20.27%
FI 4,206 38.46%
FS 3,892 35.59%
GC 602 5.50%
NC 358 3.27%
NF 947 8.66%
SF 1,741 15.92%
WF 311 2.84%
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