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The Shared Bib. Project continues to move forward at a rapid pace. Many issues have been raised and most have been resolved, the remaining ones are being analyzed. Staff at the 11 SULs are working very hard on testing, adapting workflows, cleaning up data and contributing to all the group and subgroup work. There are many groups actively working (or soon to be working) on this project: Shared BIb Implementation Team, Data Loading (with 3 subgroups), Authorities, Acquisitions and Metadata subcommittees of TSPC, Access Services, UBorrow Implementation and OPAC.

Once UBorrow set up was completed and the transition steps were worked out FCLA began focusing on 3 remaining areas of functionality:

  • Data Loading - DL and its subgroups have done a lot of information gathering and analysis; FCLA is now working on creating and implementing merge and overlay tables
  • Joblist - regularly scheduled programs, such as notice production
  • Course Reserves - get the linking correct and set up for test

In addition FCLA is providing weekly training sessions focused on what will be different in the shared bib environment and continually testing the transition process in the background.

SUL staff are busy with these activities:

  • Testing of May merge and providing feedback
  • Cataloging Guidelines: draft outline (under review) available with placeholders for policies that have not been addressed as yet
  • Providing additional training
  • Planning for transition tasks at each campus

The first draft of the transition plan was distributed to CSUL in early May and discussed on a SBIT meeting with Access Services and PSPC guests. This plan is a list of steps that need to happen before, during and after the transition. It calls for Aleph to be down from 6:00 p.m. EDT on 6/22/12 until 9:00 a.m. EDT on 6/28/12. There is very little extra time built in, that means that unanticipated problems could cause the downtime to be longer. FCLA staff have worked hard to reduce the process to the 5 1/2 days by running the processes in different sequences and multiple times for the last 3 weeks. We believe that the attached schedule is quite possible.

This transition plan overview has been updated. Most of the changes are to add more information, the general sequence and timing should be fairly stable.

The plan has a few activities listed for post transition work. We estimate that July and August will be very busy with post merge cleanup activities, workflow management, and training. It may take as much as a year to gain the full advantages of working in a shared bib. environment.

There is still a lot of work to do to get to the transition, but with the current level of staff participation both in the libraries and at FCLA we are going to be successful.

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