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Merged Duplicates Handling

All 11 institutional permissions tables (z66) as well as resource file instance were merged into one table for Shared BIB. When the same user ID string existed between libraries a process was created to make each user string unique. This process consisted of adding a digit to the end of the user based on original institution. Here is the mapping table:

Institution Mapping

AM = 0 CF = 1 FA = 2 FI = 3 FS = 4 GC = 5 NC = 6 NF = 7 SF = 8 UF = 9 WF = @

A table listing the duplicates was also utilized in the process for resolving the problems.

User IDs for Resource Libraries

All user IDs are in one table (z66) in the UXU50 library. This will mean a simplified process for adding user for LCA10, MSH12, and DLU01 (if it continues to be a separate library) since those user will no longer need to be added to a separate database instance. All permissions for those libraries will be assigned to users as additional libraries not as separate users in a separate database.

User IDs OWN Codes for Holdings Records

OWN codes will now be added to the holding library. To this end OWN code population in the BIB has been turned off and the functionality has been turned on in the holding library. Some user ID OWN code evaluation will need to take place to make sure that the code assigned to the user is appropriate for populating the code in the holdings records.

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