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Why cleanup patrons?

To ensure the "cleanest" patron database possible in the Shared Bib environment, and to reduce the number of potential duplicate records, prior to combining patron records into one user library.

Which patrons will be affected?

Patron records expired for three years or more (12/31/08 or older), which do NOT have any associated transactions including loans or bills / fines.

Some libraries have expressed an interest in purging old fines, or particular kinds of patrons. In these cases adjustments can be made to accommodate.

How will patron cleanup be accomplished?

1. Run a backup of the patrons as-is, so that they can be restored if need be.

2. Delete any remaining social security numbers (generally type 99 - will verify for each).

3. Run the Aleph "Delete Patron Records" process (p_cir_23) for patrons inactive 3 or more years, who do not have any associated transactions.

4. Review (FCLA and library) report of deleted and retained patrons for accuracy.

5. Renumber potentially non-unique system numbers with automatically generated system numbers following the pattern "XXnnnnnn" where XX is the two-digit institution code.

Patron Cleanup Status

Institution Step 1: Backup Patrons Step 2: Remove SSNs Step 3: Patron Purge Step 4: Review Reports
FAMU 3/30/12 3/30/12 3/30/12 (15 mins)
FAU 3/28/12 N/A 3/28/12 (2 hrs 30 mins)
FGCU 3/29/12 N/A 3/29/12 (21 mins)
FIU 3/29/12 3/29/12 3/29/12 (7 hrs 23 mins)
FSU 3/30/12 3/30/12 3/30/12 (2 hrs 20 mins)
NCF 3/27/12 N/A 3/27/12 (52 mins)
UCF 3/27/12 N/A 3/27/12 (2 hrs 43 mins)
UF 3/28/12 N/A 3/28/12 (5 hrs 2 mins)
UNF 3/29/12 Transitioning last of courtesy borrowers 3/29/12
USF 3/20/12 3/21/12 3/23/12 (8 hrs 41 mins)
UWF 3/23/12 N/A 3/23/12 (1 hour)
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