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PDA Record Loading and Maintenance Task Group

Co-chairs: Susan Heron, USF; Trey Shelton, UF

Members: Charles Gordon, USF; Stephanie Hayes, FSU Law; Kim Montgomery, UCF; Mary Ann O'Daniel, FLVC liaison

Meeting attendees: Anne Bardolph, FSU Law; Helen Laurence, FAU; Maria Berenbaum, FAU; Susy Potter, UF Law

Charge: To establish guidelines and best practices for the loading, overlay, and maintenance of PDA records in the Shared Bib environment, including the normalizing of PDA discovery records loaded prior to the Shared Bib merge.


  • Explore the possibility of changes to PDA bibs that will allow matching when records are batch-loaded from the same vendor by other SULs
  • Identify possible changes to PDA bibs that will prevent matching when non-PDA records are batch-loaded by other SULs
  • Look for ways to keep duplicate records to a minimum
  • Consider methods to remove unwanted titles from PDA projects when the bibs for unpurchased materials have orders or holdings attached from other SULs
  • Provide instructions on cataloging PDA titles for both discovery records and purchased titles to be included in the Shared Bib Guidelines

Deadline: May 30, 2013; extension to June 30, 2013

PDA Record Loading and Maintenance Task Group Recommendations - Final Report

PDA Task Group Meeting Notes and Agendas

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