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Preferred server address to use with OCLC Connexion exports in Shared BIB will be:

server = sb.alephpc.fcla.edu

[changed from sb.aleph.fcla.edu]

port = 7525

This information is the same for all SULs.

  • Loading of individual records from OCLC into Aleph immediately
  • Status:
    • In production: staff at each SUL can export records from OCLC via Connexion
    • Any changes or new features should be requested via RT
    • No backlog:
  • Set up information:
    • Instructions for set up is available on the OCLC Connexion page
    • Use of 049 codes has to be coordinated with the EOCR loading. Spreadsheet of decisions made by 049 code in terms of creating orders/holding/items: Decisions Made by 049 Codes
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