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The Mango shared bib environment is

Individual URLs:

The regular refresh schedule has been set to run every Monday and Thursday night. You can view the refreshed UXTest Mango:
Tuesday and Thursday mornings.


Q & A

Question: will there be individual catalogs in sharedbib Mango.

Answer: Yes, right now the testcat for sharedbib goes to the union catalog, you have to choose your own individual catalogs. Eventually there will be a URL for each individual catalog.

Question: What Aleph records show in Mango?

Answer: All Bibs with an HOL or item for that particular SUL, which aren't suppressed. Orders are shown as a status on an item record. For details about when records should show in Mango, see the Bib/HOL/Items/Order Matrix.

Question: Will Mango be available to patrons during the transition to Shared Bib?

Answer: Both Mango local and union catalogs will be available for searching, but patron empowerment features, including UBorrow, will NOT be available for approximately 5 days. For details on this and other areas that will impact patrons, see Access Services Transition.

Testing Shared Bib Mango

What is in Mango sharedbib currently?

Shared Bib Mango testcat currently includes the Aleph Bib records, OSTI and Digital Collections.

What should I see in Shared Bib Mango?

Mango should look almost identical in the Shared Bib environment. But, like other areas of public services, it needs to be tested. One area of difference has to do with what Aleph records will show in the local Mangos. FCLA is working on a matrix to help explain what will show in Mango based on what is in the Aleph Bib/Hol/Item and Order records.

What should I test in Shared Bib Mango?

Anything and everything you would normally do in Mango should be tried out in Shared Bib. Some things may not be fully implemented in the test environment currently (see below), but should be in place prior to transition to shared bib.

Here's a list FCLA compiled to help you track your testing. If there are additional items not listed, let us know and we'll be happy to add!

Please test and confirm / report problems by June 1, 2012

What still needs work in Shared Bib Mango? Updated 7/24/12

- Call Number Browse: Mango relies on data warehouse process for updates, still in process

Shared Bib Mango Updates

Type of Change Length of Time
Full Loads Over the weekend
Record changes/additions during the week 2 times per hour from 9-8pm Mon-Thur * 9-5pm o Friday
Display name changes such as sublibrary, collection, items status Overnight
Other Mango displays ex. links to library catalog, location maps approx. same day, dependent on programmer or librarian update

May 23, 2012: Patron Message in Mango

Several people have inquired about how to inform patrons regarding the impact of the transition to Shared Bib on them. Click on the link above to see the proposed text, additional suggestions, and final outcome.

March 15, 2012: Permalinks and Mango

October 30, 2012: Mango Holdings Display Cleanup

Following the implementation of UBorrow, it was brought to our attention that since patrons routinely use the Union catalog, they are often confused by the lengthy display of locations and availability for certain titles. This confusion is especially true for patrons desiring access to electronic resources. Since patrons are only authorized to access material held by their home institution, this confusion often leads to frustration when they are denied access to the fulltext or ebook link they selected. These concerns, which were initially raised by Access Services librarians, were raised at the OPAC subcommittee meeting in December 2011, where possible solutions were discussed.

In response to the issues, in early October 2012, we announced to both the UBorrow and OPAC subcommittees the "show all locations" button, and the modified Mango interface, for initial evaluation and feedback. The feedback was positive, and soon after we implemented functionality to hide the long holdings display, until needed.

Mango leverages the WAYF (Where are you From) functionality to only display holdings from the user's home institution. Users not recognized by the system may self-identify their home institution.

To see all other holdings available throughout the state, users may simply press Button2.jpg which expands the list of holdings. The Hide.jpg button will cover the holdings display again.

See the contrast of the previous and current displays below:

Old Holdings Display New Holdings Display - USF as Home Institution
Old display3.jpg New expdisplay3.jpg
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