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  • The shared bib merge is creating some fields and some records that exceed the allowable lengths in Aleph. A too-long field can occur when a field (often a 505) that is already the maximum length in production has $5's added in the merge. A too-long record can be created when separate records with large 505's and many 970's are merged.
  • If too-long bibs or fields are found in the merge, the records have been deleted. A project is underway to identify the problem fields and bibs and modify them in Production so that they don't need to be deleted. A Google spreadsheet has been started for the problem records.

For reference, here are field and record max sizes as documented in the Aleph v.20 Staff User's Guide for Cataloging, p. 31:

"Additionally, note that fields are limited in ALEPH to 2000 bytes. Records are limited to 5000 subfields and to 45000 bytes.

"For this reason, when cataloging online, the system does not allow the user to enter more than 2000 bytes per field. When long fields are imported into ALEPH, if the text for a single field is more than 2000 bytes, the system splits the text into separate (repeated) fields. Split fields are prefaced by $$9. For export purposes, you can use this method to catalog long fields."

The maximum number of word index entries per record is 4950. This count includes the word pairs used for adjacency searching as well as the individual words.

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