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January 23, 2012

3:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.

This meeting was conducted via Collaborate (was Elluminate).  Here is the link to the recording of the meeting:

1. Housekeeping - Jean (3:00 - 3:15)

1.1 Agenda

NOTES: was approved as is

1.2 Meeting Notes

NOTES: the draft notes from the Face to Face meeting are available on the wiki. These notes are the listing of questions and next steps that were written on the white board during the meeting. Next meeting we will vote on approving these notes. FCLA is taking notes for the 1/23 meeting. There is a schedule of who is up for taking notes on the Members page on the wiki. FAMU will be notetaker next week.

1.3 Listserv

NOTES: The Listserv is open to all SUL staff. Official liaisons from each SUL will be the voting members, if a vote is taken. The same is true for the Elluminate meetings.

1.4 To do list -- list of future topics

NOTES: The To do list was created from the questions and concerns brought up at the Face 2 Face meeting and from other sources. Not all have content, FCLA will be working on adding the information we have. Editors can add "to dos" or comment on existing ones.

2. FCLA Update - Ellen (3:15 - 3:30)

2.1 UXTest NOTES: The merge of UXTest has been completed. FCLA is now working on the indexing of the bib. records. The release date for SUL staff testing is 1/31/12. There will be more information about the release at the next meeting.

2.2 SharedBib Wiki

NOTES: FCLA has set up a Shared Bib wiki to be used for cooperative work. This is definitely a work in progress. Lisa Tatum has already sent out emails to the liaisons and others who attended the Face to Face with information about accounts. You will need to sign in to change/add to the wiki site. All pages are publicly viewable. If you would like to have access to the wiki for editing and you haven't heard anything contact Lisa. There is a user guide linked to the main page of the wiki.

3. Hot Topics (3:30 - 3:45)

NOTES In this area of agendas we will have a few topics that came up on the listserv or are time sensitive. Anyone can suggest what a "hot topic" should be for the next meeting. Next meeting we should address STA-Suppressed in Bib records.

3.1 Long Records, Long Fields - Mary Ann

NOTES: Records that are too long or have fields that are too long are interrupting the indexing process after the merge process has run. The link above is to information about what a long record or long field is and the strategy to fix these.

3.2 STA-Deleted in Bib records - Ellen

NOTES: There was a discussion of the report for STA-Deleted records and what should be done with them. In the current merge STA-Deleted records will not be moved to the new shared bib. catalog. FCLA will delete the bibs. and associated records in March from Production so any cleanup to review and preserve any that were not meant to be deleted should be done before hand. If you want to keep an individual record you need to remove the STA-Deleted bib tag. If you want to keep the record and not show it in Mango you should change the STA-Deleted to STA-Suppressed in the Bib. record. You should also make sure attached HOLdings have STA-Suppressed on the HOLdings record. A question came up about the need to suppress items (by changing IPSes). FCLA is checking into that. UF and FIU will share their documents for deleting withdrawn records.

3.3 Guidelines, etc. - Mary Ann

NOTES: Mary Ann and Betsy Simpson worked on definitions for Guidelines, Procedures and workflows for working together in the Shared Bib. Follow the link to the Guidelines, etc. page to see the proposed definitions. We will work to create a guidelines document on the wiki that can be expanded as work in the Shared Bib proceeds. In some cases there are groups working on guidelines (Metadata, Serials, etc.), may also need volunteers from this group to fill in guidelines throughout the project. Guidelines will be vetted through this group, TSPC, other groups and CSUL.

4. Topics/Groups (3:45 - 4:15)

NOTES: Each week the leaders in these topic areas will have a chance to give updates, raise issues or pass on recommendations from their groups.

4.1 Reports - Donna, Susan

NOTES: There were two Elluminate sessions to go over the clean up reports, explaining how to run the top reports. The 2nd session was recorded. There was a discussion of the need to develop procedures for handling cleanup. For instance in cleaning up the STA deleted records it would be helpful to have some info. on steps to switch them to suppressed records.

4.2 Acq - Ellen

NOTES:The Acq subcommittee is meeting next Monday. They will have SharedBib on their agenda.

4.3 Data Loading - Ellen for Rita Cauce

NOTES: Rita has agreed to lead the Data Loading subgroup. She will send out a call for participants. Both cataloging and acquisitions staff are needed. Can groups use the Elluminate link used for this meeting? Answer is yes, just need to coordinate.

4.4 Cat./Auth - Mary Ann

NOTES: It was decided that we should split this topic/group into Cat/Metadata and Authorities.

4.5 Serials - Naomi

NOTES: Naomi was at ALA so there was no report about the Serials subgroup. Watch the SERCLIENT listserv for more information.

5. Wrap up/Next Steps

  • Send out request for participation in the dataloading group.
  • Split the Cat and Auth sections on the agenda and the wiki.
  • Members should become familiar with the wiki, learn their logins and begin thinking about contributing.
  • FCLA will investigate the question of whether or not items need to be suppressed.
  • STA-Suppressed records should be on the next agenda.
  • SULs organizing and planning for the Local Implementation Teams at their institution.
  • FCLA helping with a testing plan and review of UXTest.
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