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UXU01 (bibs)

  • Search bases based on WSB index have been added to GUI Search for each university.
    • Suppressed holdings without items aren't included in bases. Ex Libris is investigating.
  • TTL (title) index no longer links to authorities.
  • 800/810/11 subfields a, b, c, d, e, q were added to SRS (series title) index
  • The bib FMT code was added to the WTP index. These codes are: BK (books), CF (computer files), MP (maps), MU (music), SE (serials), VM (visual materials), MX (mixed materials)
  • 505, 520 are no longer indexed in WNC, WNO
    • 505 is indexed in WRD, WAU, WTI
    • 520 is indexed in WRD
  • Dropped indexes: CNO (NOTIS number search), TKR, WOW, WNC, WTK
    • NOTIS number can be searched in the UXU60 CNO index (see below)

New indexes

  • OAN (Old Aleph Number) -- indexes the old bib number in the 951; must include old bib library code
    • oan=NCU01:000000710 or oan=NCU01000000710
  • WSB (WORD: sublibrary) -- indexes the holding 852 $$b
    • wsb=gcumn

UXU10 (local authorities)

New index

  • WOC (WORD: MARC Organization Code) -- indexes the MARC Organization Code in $5
    • woc=fpeu
    • woc=ftasu

UXU60 (holdings)

Two ways to limit a search to just your library's holdings

  • include wow=<your own code>
  • include wsb=<your sublibrary code>

New indexes

  • TKR (TKR heading index)
    • must include what's in parentheses
    • tkr=(FTaSU) ACM transactions on programming languages and systems or
      • tkr=ftasu acm transactions on programming languages and systems
    • tkr=(source)fcla121.fudd or
      • tkr=source fcla121.fudd
  • WCT (WORD: holdings create date)
    • indexes the date a holding record was created; format is yyyymmdd
    • wct=20120116
    • combine with WOW or WSB to find your library's holdings created on that date
  • WOW (WORD: OWN code)
  • WSB (WORD: sublibrary) -- indexes the holding 852 $$b
    • wsb=gcumn
    • DOES include suppressed holdings

Old index, new use

  • CNO (Number, Old system) -- indexes the holding 004
    • Older holding records may still contain the NOTIS number in the 004, e.g.
      • 004 UFAAA0146005 -- which is <NOTIS processing unit code><NOTIS bib no.><copy sequence no.>
    • This is indexed as cno=ufaaa0146005. CNO can be searched in the UXU60 browse search.
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