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Searching in the shared bib, holdings, and local authority libraries has different characteristics from searching in the individual Alephs because the data universe is all SUL data rather than one university's data.

  • Union catalog searching is available in the client for the first time
  • "Find" searches may take longer to show results or may time out more often because of the large volume of data.
  • WSC searches require more care in construction to avoid retrieving other libraries' holdings. Use WSB (currently available only in UXU60) to search just the sublibrary. WSB will be added to UXU01 for the next version of UXTest.
  • Searches in your library's search base may take a long time to return results or time out, especially for the smaller schools. We hope the WSB index will improve the response time in the next version.

Google Spreadsheets have been created to show how bib, holding, and authority tags are assigned to direct (IND), heading (ACC), and word (WORD)indexes

Indexing Changes

A page for indexing changes has been started. Add suggestions for changes there or send them to sus-sbip-l.

Summary of Changes Made

Jan. merge

  • UXU01
    • OAN (old Aleph number)added
    • WOW dropped
  • UXU60
    • WSB (word: sublibrary only) added
  • UXU10
    • WOC (word: $5 MARC organization code) added

March merge

  • UXU01
    • WSB (word: sublibrary only) added
    • SRS (series title) indexing modified for 800/810/811
    • WTP (word: type) modified to index the seven FMT codes: BK, CF, MP, MU, SE, VM, MX
  • UXU60
    • TKR modified to retain what's in parentheses as part of the search term

May merge

  • UXU01
    • 505/520/970 indexes reduced to WRD and WAU/WTI
    • WNC (word: contents note) dropped
  • UXU60
    • WOW (word: OWN code) added

Production Merge

  • UXU60
    • WCT (WORD: holdings create date) added to index the date a holding record was created
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