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Current status: In the release of the March merge the OWN codes have been added to all HOLdings records.

Determining which OWN codes to use: The following are current historical OWN codes that have been used in your individual instances of Aleph in BIB records. With the switch to OWN codes in HOLs instead of BIBs the thinking is that this might be a chance to re-evaluate the OWN codes in use. Below are the codes we have recorded for each institution.

DONE: Each institution conferred with the various areas and sent an email to confirm the OWN codes you think would be appropriate for keeping in HOL records. The thinking is that OWN codes are for record security and not reporting so you should be thinking of which staff members need to handle which HOLs. Some of the divisions that the old BIB OWN codes made may not need to be maintained in the implementation of OWN codes in HOLs.

In the list below I believe ML (FI and UF) is the only code that conflicts which would need to be rectified since we are in a shared HOL file.



  • AM = Coleman (All main campus locations)
  • LA = Law School Library

University of Central Florida (CF)

  • CF = Main campus locations
  • CE = Solar Engineering
  • HS = Health Sciences Library

Florida Atlantic University (FA)

  • FA = All locations

Florida International University (FI)

  • FI = All non Legal Information and Medical
  • LI = Legal Information Center Library
  • ML = Medical Library
  • VR = Virtual resources (requested by Medical Library I believe)

Florida State University (FS)

  • FS = Main campus locations (Strozier and Dirac)
  • FL = College of Law
  • FT = Florence Italy Study Center
  • LM = College of Law
  • ME = College of Medicine Library
  • MU = College of Music Library
  • UK = London England Study Center

Florida Gulf Coast University (GC)

  • GC = All locations

New College of Florida (NC)

  • SA = All locations

University of North Florida (NF)

  • NF = All locations

University of South Florida (SF)

  • SF = All locations except Health Sciences and Moffit
  • SM = USF Health Sciences Library
  • MC = Moffit Center Library

University of Florida (UF)

  • UF = Main campus locations (Smathers, Music, Marston Science, Journalism, etc... not Documents or Maps)
  • LL = Legal Information Center
  • LF = Legal Information Center
  • HC = Health Sciences Library
  • JX = Borland Jacksonville
  • IF = Ifas libraries
  • UD = Documents
  • CA = Coastal Archives
  • HB = Herbarium
  • ML = Map & Imagery Library
  • NR = Nuclear & Radiological Engineering
  • EN = REEF Library
  • HA = Harn Museum of Art
  • PI = Division of Plant Industry

University of West Florida (WF)

  • WF = All locations
  • WD = UWF IMC (all records look to be suppressed)
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