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Identifying DDA/PDA Records

All SUL Shared Bib liaisons please fill out the information on the DDA/PDA Record Loads spreadsheet, whether or not your library loads DDA/PDA records. This information will be useful to help SULs identify these records.

Removal of $5s and Protection of Fields on Overlay

During the initial Shared Bib merge, subfield 5 was configured to protect fields that could potentially contain unique information. In March and April of 2013, the Aleph merge tables used with the OCLC server were modified to remove this blanket protection. Appendix III of the Guidelines and Procedures for the Shared Bibliographic Catalog indicates which fields are protected from OCLC Gateway Export overlays.

As of 10/19/12 the TSPC Metadata Subcommittee reached agreement on the remaining fields to be protected on overlay. The list of Tags to Protect on Overlay has been forwarded to TSPC for final comment, will be finalized by the 10/24/12 Metadata Subcommittee meeting and included in the SB Cataloging Guidelines.

As of 9/26/12 SULs have reached consensus on the protection of most fields during the overlay of records in Aleph. The Protect on Overlay Different Answers Spreadsheet is a list of tags up for discussion among SULs. If you would like to provide input or change your SUL's answers on the spreadsheet, please contact your Metadata Subcommittee representative.

The Tags to Protect on Overlay spreadsheet is to gather input from each SUL concerning what tags should be protected when an Aleph record is overlaid. A $5 with an SUL's MARC Organization Code was added to selected fields during the Shared Bib merge. Currently, any tag with a $5 is protected when a bibliographic record is overlaid, but this can also result in duplicate fields in the record. The $5 also limits display in Mango to the individual SULs listed in the $5. Two questions are asked in the spreadsheet: (1) whether the tag should be protected during overlay, and (2) whether all $5 subfields should be stripped from all Aleph records for that tag. Removing the $5 would enable the field to display for all institutions and allow the field to be overlaid. Removing $5 makes sense for some fields such as STA PROVISIONAL. It may be possible to remove the $5 but still protect all instances of specific tags by naming them in the export tables.

Topics for Ad Hoc group

STA values other than Suppressed or Deleted during the merge -- 3/19/12 update: agreed on SBIT call to reassign this task to Metadata.

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