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Elluminate Recording of Thursday, June 21 session

Transition Timeline

Lots of details are linked from the Transition Planning page. Here's what to focus on over the next week:

Getting ready:

Have you copied any customized files off of the current Prod clients?

Do you have the newest Standalone Offline Circ client installed on designated Circ workstations?

Do you have the new shared bib clients installed, or plans for installing during the downtime?

Do you have an internal communication plan to keep staff informed?

Thursday, June 21 2012:

  • Final pre-merge updates sent to Serials Solutions and EBSCO
  • Final bill/fine export for libraries until July 2

Friday, June 22:

  • Freeze small bibliographic changes: single record loading, item creation, editing
  • Final processing of returns until June 28
  • Final Circ / UBorrow / other services until June 29
  • Final patron loads until July 2

Friday, June 22 at 6:00 p.m. EDT (5:00 p.m. CDT):

  • Aleph shut down – begin using offline Circ
  • Mango switched to COOP
    • No Aleph patron empowerment features (renewal, requests, etc.)
    • Access to electronic resources and other external services continues uninterrupted

During transition:

Friday, June 22 at 6:00 p.m. THROUGH sometime Thursday, June 28:

  • Use Offline Circ – no other functionality
  • Patrons use Mango on COOP (no patron empowerment)
  • Staff continue planning post-SB workflows
  • Customize client print and other files if needed

Immediately post-transition:

Attend FCLA office hours if needed

Sometime Thursday, June 28:

  • Upload Offline Circ transactions and check error report
  • Process accumulated returns
  • Mango switched back, patron empowerment features available
  • Verify print configurations in new Aleph Production client
  • Begin new workflows and procedures
  • Resume small bibliographic changes, other data updates

Client distribution and management

  • If there are client fixes that need to be pushed out to everyone, you may be asked to run Version Check.
  • FCLA also provides some locally developed clients that work with Aleph to enhance you workflow
    • GenLoad is still being worked on
    • ERCA should continue to work BUT new settings are coming soon
    • LabelPRNA and SpineLabel have not been tested but are expected to work

Printing and (Batch) Services

Aleph printing setup information

  • Library (systems) staff will need to reconfigure print setup in the new SBProd client. This includes
    • print ids and email setup in alephcom/tab/alephcom.ini
    • "on demand" printing setup within modules (e.g. circ/tab/print.ini for loan receipts and hold letters)
    • batch job print setup in alephcom/tab/print.ini
  • The new SBProd client files can be worked on during the down time (doesn't require opening the client).

Batch jobs for public services will resume shortly after the transition is complete.

  • FCLA will followup with each library to verify print configuration is complete before starting up batch jobs; dates below are subject to this verification

Friday, June 29:

  • UBorrow pullslips resume
  • Hold pullslips resume
  • Courtesy notices resume

Monday, July 2:

  • Patron loads resume
  • Bill / fine export resumes
  • Remaining UBorrow jobs resume (expiration, archiving)
  • Remaining Circ notices services resume (overdues, etc.)
  • Course Reserves processing can begin


There are three kinds of reports that will be affected by the transition to shared bib:

1. Aleph reports, or the ones you run using the Aleph Rept client

  • For reports through June 22, use the current Aleph Rept client. The "old" Aleph Rept will be maintained through December 2012
  • As soon as the Report server has been upgraded to shared bib (approx. July 6), start using the XXSBREPT clients. You will be able to run both pre- and post-merge data, or a combination of both.

2. ARROW reports, or FCLA-created web-based reports

  • ARROW reports will be available throughout the downtime period and until they are replaced by the new versions.
  • ARROW reports will gradually be replaced with the new versions beginning on approximately 7/6. You can run the new ARROW reports on both pre- and post- merge data, or a combination of both.
  • Look for a "REPORT VALID THROUGH JUNE 22" banner to the "old" input forms to identify those which have not yet been upgraded.
  • Use ARROW Report Upgrade Status to check to see which ARROW reports have been upgraded to the Shared Bib versions. Bold denotes the new version that includes data through the prior evening.

3. Library-created

  • Libraries that have created their own reports, scripts, macros, etc. will also need to modify them.


1. Shared bib implementation team listserv for communication with team

2. FCLLIST for broad communications, such as "taking Aleph down"

3. Subject-specific listservs (copying SBIP list) for topical subjects, such as "upload offline circ files"

4. Attend FCLA office hours after transition

Reporting problems

Shared bib implementation team listserv, and / or FCLA help desk (RT)

Questions? ASK!

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