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UF has led a CSUL Task Force called The Statewide Storage Task Force for over 2 years planning for a new Shared facility for storage of low use materials. This Task Force has representation beyond the SUSes but the initial emphasis is on the Universities.

They have settled on the name FLARE for the project. The funding has not been allocated for the full permanent facility. A decision has been made to move forward with an interim facility.

FLVC will be responsible for supporting FLARE as a separate institution in Aleph. We are proposing a pilot project to set up FLARE in the test Aleph instance on the FLVC-G server and to set up workflows for moving items into FLARE from other SULs and from UMiami. This project will include how to discover and request FLARE materials.

Specifications for Transferring Materials to FLARE

Specifications for FLARE Initial UF Specs

Specifications for Initial UCF FLARE Transfer

Sending Additional Materials to FLARE

FLARE Workflows

FLARE Client


Project Updates



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