FIXED Problems 6/22/12

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  • FIXED: There is a problem with the log into the FCLA website, we are working on it right now. 8:16 a.m.
  • FIXED: Problem connective via Z39.50. Instructions for connecting are on the FCLA website. Internal configuration fixed.
  • Problems with OCLC export/download to SBPROD:
    • FIXED: long messages
    • FIXED: Creation of new HOL and order record at FIU Hubert. Fixed by turning order creation for 049 codes FXNN and FXNR
      • FIXED: Same for FSU, fixed by turning off creation of orders for 049 FDAA
  • FIXED: Searches on UBorrow requests are not working: indexes seem to be out of synch. They're being rebuilt. (This is just searches for existing requests WITHIN the Aleph client. Doesn't affect placing or working with requests otherwise)
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