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This page is for FCLA staff to plan the steps that we need to take before, during and after the transition.


Before transition

  • Make a copy of affected tables with changes needed for shared bib? (FCLA)
  • Update circ tables (tab17, maybe tab16) to reflect closure June 23-July 1, so nothing falls due
  • Rerun batch deletes for bibs with STA DELETED

During transition

  • Switch Mango to Coop, no patron empowerment
  • Send email when Aleph is brought down
  • Execute steps on UXProd merge spreadsheet
  • Continue access to SBTEST for ETL development

Post transition

  • Update any due dates during June 23-July 1 to July 2
  • Switch Mango back to prod, turn on patron empowerment
  • Verify printing setup in clients with libraries prior to restoring batch jobs throughout week of June 25-29
  • Resume PLIF loads / cash export one week after transition (July 2)?

Transition questions

  • Can we freeze policy / other Circ/UB/CR change requests? - As of June 1
  • Can we set UBorrow "lower case" approx. 1 week prior (June 15)?

Arrow Reports needed for End of FY Stats

Circulation Activity (Event) Counts

Circulation (Event) Totals by Date Range

UBorrow Most Requested Titles

UBorrow Title Loan Counts

UBorrow Request counts by patron status

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