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Currently FCLA is exporting Bib records and sometimes holdings from the individual Alephs to various services.

Ongoing functionality in the SharedBib: FCLA will work to ensure that these extracts will continue after the switch to the SharedBib environment. There will have to be adaptations of the extract procedures and programs, since the "ownership" of bib. records concept is different in the SharedBib. In the current environment a library owns a bib. record because it has it in their individual bib. file. In Shared Bib a library doesn't own bib. records. Its ownership is noted by HOLs or Items or Orders attached to Bib. records.

TRANSITION: Those services that rely on the existing Aleph Bib doc. number to update records in their files will need to be contacted because these numbers will change. Both Ebsco and Serials Solutions have decided they want a full replacement file for each of their individual customers. FCLA put this task on the Transition Plan starting the day after we come up on the Shared Bib environment.

Existing FCLA extracts:

  • Coutts' Oasis database updates - Monthly updates based on date ranges, extraction strategy will need to be rethought in a shared bib environment
  • RapidILL - Periodic full print file updates from Aleph, no reliance on BIB number matching, will require new strategy extraction and for parsing out local holdings
  • OCLC Reclamation - full file sent once, no updates, post shared BIB will require different retrieval method
  • Hathi Trust - Requested special format, additional limiting for local institution will be needed for shared bib
  • EDS Discovery - full file sent originally, updates sent daily, overlay based on Aleph number
  • Serials Solutions Summon - full file sent originally, updates sent daily, overlay based on Aleph number
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