Deduplicating Records

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  • What to match on and what not to?
  • Categories of concern
    • Proprietary records
      • There is a group trying to understand what bib. records are actually not to be shared
    • Batch replaced records
      • Ones that have been managed by batch in the past are made more complicated if they are linked to others holdings
      • Multiplatform/multivendors records
        • Archival, digitized materials should be separate
        • Modern publishing trending toward vendor neutral records
      • E and print mixed together due to reclamation or incorrect use of OCLC numbers
  • Proposed Principles
    • Want one bib. record for every alike thing
    • Single platform, single vendor should be deduped
    • Multi platform/vendor, o.k. to be separate
    • Vendor neutral records from OCLC (in cataloging guidelines), should delete 856s not in use
    • Discovery records: should be managed outside of Aleph, so no matching possible
      • must be in all discovery tools
      • must be included in statistics for reporting process
    • Don't want OCLC number in record if not OCLC records
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