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  • This page is focused on loading bibliographic, holding, item and order information. Other data loads not covered here are patron loads and EDI invoice loads.
  • The Bibliographic record can be shared with other institutions, holdings, items and order information are unique to each SUL.
  • The concept of ownership has changed, it is not based on a bib. record as much as on holdings and/or items.
  • Pre-shared Bib
    • FCLA set up loaders and trained staff on use of Genload, but did not get involved in how the tools were used
    • No imperative to coordinate loading or have agreed upon cataloging policies
  • Post-shared Bib:
    • FLVC-G has had to understand all the needs, reconfigure all of data loading, working very closely with SUL staff
    • Libraries have worked together to create Shared Bib Cataloging Guidelines
  • There a large number of sources of bibliographic records. Aleph has a number of options for loading records. We've divided up the information below based on how these records get loaded. OCLC Connexion are those that are brought in one by one via the Connexion client. They are exported from OCLC and loaded directly into Aleph. Files of bibliographic records with order information need to be loaded with an special Aleph program called p-file-90, which will load the bibliographic record and create order records as specified. GenLoad is an option that can be used to load batches of bibliographic records from your desktop. In addition there are 3 projects to be loaded centrally, at FLVC-G. We will work to automate these loads for maximum efficiency.
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