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Data Loading Working Groups

Meeting Notes and Recordings

FCLA Proposed Plan

What is being loaded?

Vendor Load Matrix

Please reference the matrix for specific Load Types used in p_file_90 parameters for Loading Vendor Records.

Bib Record Sets

The SBPP (Single Bib Pilot Project} wiki has a link to the Big Record Sets page listing large MARC record sets that have been loaded or may be loaded into the SUL bib files. The information will be used in merging/deduping bibs for the Shared Bib project.

Note: information on this page is not yet complete. As FCLA completes documentation for a listed resource, a "done" note is added by the name; then library staff may update or correct their institution's information for that resource. Libraries may list additional resources at any time by adding to the spreadsheet.

Routine Bib Loads

Select Data Loading Routine Loads for the GoogleDoc from the Single Bib Pilot Project Swiki. This spreadsheet provides information about routine MARC loads not covered under the Big Sets. Different categories of loads are documented on separate sheets and can be accessed by the tabs and navigational functionality at the bottom of the spreadsheet.

Routine Bib Loads Recommendations

1. The Data Loading Group would like to recommend that the following loads be carried out centrally by FCLA [new organization] in the shared bib environment:

  • MARCIVE records
  • Serials Solutions e-journal records
  • PDA/DDA project records

The group is requesting that FCLA work out the details and make proposals for central loading of Marcive and Serials Solutions before the final merge in June. The loading of PDA records involves more unknowns at this point and we understand that a final plan would most likely not be in place before the production merge. We are asking each institution to send current local procedures and specs for these loads to FCLA to aid in planning the central loads.

To dos

  • Gather information about current loading of bibliographic records.
  • Analyze results:
  • Can the merge be improved? The merge is based on OCLC number, SerSol number and Congressional ?? number. Are there others?
  • What are routine loads that could be automated and loaded centrally by NewOrg?
  • What rules do the loaders use to ensure the fewest duplicate records be loaded?
  • Create spreadsheet for "Big Records Sets".
  • Break into smaller groups to brainstorm issues and considerations in preparation for testing of loads identified on "Routine Bib Loads". Groups will also write procedures & guidelines.
  • Look at existing guidelines: TSPC CSUL site for existing guideliens, SB wiki for guidelines Metadata is working on.
  • Daniel working on develping GenLoad to handle shared bib environment so we can start testing.
  • Daniel will do an Elluminate session on difference between file-90 and file-96
  • Identified for our Group from Helen's questions.
  • From FCLA Single Bib site "Data Loading in Shared Bib Environment", with comments

Programs that Load Records


Individual record load


Batch record load

Preliminary GenLoad modified for Shared BIB.

Aleph loaders

p-file-96 and 90 - batch record load for records with orders

Ongoing Loader Spec

Who Loads What?

  • NewOrg
  • Each SUL
  • One SUL for others?

Record Matching


What tags are protected?

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