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Data Loading Group

Data Loading in the Shared Bib

Status Updates

  • This wiki page is updated every Monday to reflect the current status of Data Loading projects.
  • The Shared Bib Implementation Team is updated in their biweekly calls and via emails to their listserv.
  • CSUL members receive weekly status updates. Those reports are:
  1. Initial Report - sent to Deans on Oct. 8, 2012
  2. Previous Weekly Updates
  3. Weekly Updates Below:

Types of DataLoads

OCLC Connexion

Batches of Records with Orders via Aleph service file-90

Batches of records via Genload

GenloadSB Clearinghouse

Centralized Data Loads

Other Info

Deduplicating Records

Identifying DDA/PDA Records in Aleph

All SUL Shared Bib liaisons please fill out the information on the DDA/PDA Record Loads spreadsheet, whether or not your library loads DDA/PDA records. This information will be useful to help SULs identify these records already in Aleph.

How to Put Files on the Servers

OWN codes

Implementing HOL OWN Codes

MARC Org codes

STA Terms for Bibs

Use and issues for Bib STA field terms

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