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Outline of Proposal for DDA/PDA Discovery Records

1. Discovery Records Loaded into Mango

  • Pros for loading into Mango not Aleph
    • more efficient, save time
    • not merged together with other non-discovery records
    • manage the loading and removing of records in bulk
    • keeps Aleph stats clean
    • similar method to FLVC-T
    • uniformity, previous status is a mess
    • for WorldCat Local customers, some PDA providers (e.g., EBL and ebrary) can provide OCLC with discovery records directly; may be possible for OCLC to then provide updated weekly files of discovery records for loading into Mango via OCLC Worldshare service
  • Cons loading into Mango
    • not in Aleph OPAC
    • difficult to take out single records (maybe)
    • must develop export stream for EDS and Summon
    • a little more difficult for library selectors to identify PDA titles vs purchased titles

2. Records Loaded with special Sublibrary/Collection Code

  • Holdings
  • 856 customization
  • export to commercial discovery tools
  • help to keep stats

3. Submit an RT for new PDA/DDA project

  • Track projects at all institutions and with which vendors
  • Bring FLVC in at the point of vendor negotiation
  • Provides FLVC with specifics of the project
    • print or e
    • completeness of records
    • length of project, one time or ongoing

4. Automate process:

  • Vendor supplies full replacement files once a week for pickup
  • Loaded in Mango and Discovery Tools
  • Holdings added/deleted
  • 856 added/deleted
  • Supply necessary stats
  • Load purchased records into Aleph
    • need GenLoad profile
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