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Information about what has changed (and hasn't) in Shared Bib for Circulation and Course Reserves

Here is a recording of the June 6, 2012 "Course Reserves in Shared Bib session.

Course Cleanup

A proposal to "cleanup" Course Reserves prior to the migration to shared bib was made to the Access Services Subcommittee in January 2012, as follows:

"I propose we only move over Reserves courses that have been active within the last year (full academic cycle)."

Several libraries indicated that they would need longer retention of course reserve records due to their various practices. For this reason, course reserves in Aleph was NOT cleaned up prior to the shared bib migration. All courses present as of the date of transition WILL appear in the Shared Bib Environment.

Course reserves cleanup would be worth pursuing at a later date, but is not deemed high priority.

Testing Course Reserves in Shared Bib

Please complete initial testing and respond with any questions / concerns by June 18.

Course Reserves is an area with widely varying workflows and practices among the libraries. FCLA has tested the "standard" reserves workflows in Aleph, but each library is encouraged to follow their workflow to verify functionality in the Shared Bib environment.

1. Download and install your institution's Aleph UXTest Client - if you haven't already.

2. Migrated courses

  • Do all the courses that appear in Production (as of the May 3 copy) appear?
  • Do the same number of Documents (bibliographic records) appear?
  • Do you see Item records, for books and other physical resources? (Records with URLs usually don't have items).
  • Do the courses and associated titles appear correctly in Mango?

3. Create new courses

  • Remember the three pieces of course reserves: Course record, Bib record, Item record (optional). Create and add in that order, and remove in the opposite order.

4. Run Services

  • If there are course reserves Services you run as part of your workflow, try them out. NOTE: FCLA has NOT tested these yet.

5. Report Problems

  • To the Access Services list (be sure to indicate Shared Bib so we know that's what to check), or
  • To the FCLA help desk using, or
  • To your Shared Bib Implementation Team liaison

FCLA still working on

  • ERCA: Functionality is essentially the same, but the server where files are placed is moving
    • Who is currently using ERCA?
    • Who isn't adding items via ERCA, but uses things added previously?
  • Mango / OPAC:
    • Migrated Course Reserve records should appear as they do now, but new courses you create may not appear immediately as the frequency of updates is less in the test environment. Jennifer will check on the current schedule for this.
    • Some "tweaks" to Mango course reserves later this week
  • "Search for a Record" form
      • "Error parsing find request" indicates some additional work needs to be completed on indexing in course reserves library (XXU30)
      • A question has been posted to Ex Libris asking if it's possible to customize this form to limit the XXU01 (BIB library) search for each library's local holdings. - UPDATE: Ex Libris response "Unfortunately, there is no way to include bases in this "Search for a Record" dropdown. Only actual libraries appear here."
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