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SERCLIENT-L: SUS Serials Discussion List

To Subscribe:

  1. Send email message to
  2. Subject line -> blank
  3. Message in Body -> subscribe serclient-l

SUL serials liaisons for Shared Bib

  • FAMU-Elaine McCreary
  • FAMU Law-LInda Sobey
  • FAU- Teresa Abaid, David Clark, Janice Donahue, Deb Hoban, Helen Laurence
  • FGCU-Catherine Gardiner
  • FIU-Junli Diao, Margarita Perez
  • FSU-Tamara Weatherholt
  • New College-
  • UCF- Peter Spyers-Duran
  • UF-Naomi Young, Hank Young
  • UNF-Susan Massey and Bob Farnsworth
  • USF (Tampa)-Brian Falato
  • USF (Health)-Linda Florence
  • UWF-Colleen Valente

Post-merge cleanup

General principles, in priority order:

1. Correct what is wrong. Differences in form because of changes in rules [Vol. 1, no. 1 (June 1967-) vs. Began with v. 1, n. 1 in June 1967) should NOT automatically be considered error. Apply the general guidelines in & when dealing with post-merge record oddities.

2. Supply what is lacking. Libraries that become aware that a title is ceased, a publisher has changed, or data that would be useful to a user is missing should take the initiative to add that information.

3. Beautify the ugly. This the lowest priority. Awkward notes, subfields in linking fields in differing orders, oddities of capitalization -- if it does not affect access, we shouldn't let it trouble us. Cleanup projects of this type are useful for low-energy times, but are not essential.

Issues to be worked out:

Reporting/detecting S/L 0 vs. S/L 1

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