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The SBIP listserv has been established with the implementation team members, FCLA and other SUL staff.

SUS-SBIP-L: SUS Libraries Shared Bib Implementation Project Discussion List For subscribing:

Send email message to sus-sbip-l (with the subject line blank)

subscribe sus-sbip-l

To write a message to the list send the email to:

Official Information

FCLA will set up an area on the CSUL website for the group, this has not be done yet.

Work Area

FCLA has created the SharedBib wiki to facilitate collaborative work. All pages on the wiki are available for public viewing. Team members and subgroup members will have accounts so they can edit and add information.

Problem/Question Reporting

Problems or questions should be raised on Shared Bib Implementation Project listserv.

Elluminate Blackboard Reservations

Click on the link above for the Signup Page to make your Reservation for the Shared Bib Implementation Team Elluminate/Blackboard established meeting session! There is a section for Regular Meetings and Special Ad Hoc Meetings.

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