Commercial Discovery Tools and Mango/Aleph

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7 SULs use Commercial Discovery Tools: 4 use Ebsco's EDS and 3 use Serials Solutions Summon.

There are two ways that Ebsco and Serials Solutions use the Aleph system numbers in their Discovery Tools: matching update records and individual record linking:

  1. Each of the vendors use these numbers to match the daily update records to existing records in their system. When the issue was brought up to the vendors of the changing numbers they were given the option of getting a crosswalk file (i.e. this new number used to be this old number), or a full replacement file. So far as I understand they both opted for the latter. So we have included creating these replacement files on our transition plan after the switchover. Once the replacement is sent we will resume daily updates using the new Aleph system numbers.
  2. The second aspect is that both vendors (I think) use the Aleph system number to link to an individual record in Mango, either to pull info. into their interface or transfer users to more information in Mango. You can think of this function as using the permalinks for individual records. The way that FCLA addressed the problem of permalinks within Mango will also work for EDS and Summon. So even during the short time after Mango has switched to the new numbers and before the full replacement files are loaded the links from the vendors to Mango will work.

The transition plan calls for the export of new files to Serials Solutions and Ebsco after the transition, before 7/20/12. Once these files are exported we will resume the daily updates.

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