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The Client overview page explains the use of Aleph clients during and after the transition.

Here's a little info. on the new port numbers that the Aleph clients use for connecting to the Aleph server. This info. is for the GUI clients contacting the server, in some cases this info. needs to be used to allow access to these ports through your firewall.

For info. on the ports used for OCLC Connexion to access the server please see the Shared Bib OCLC Connexion Instructions document on the FCLA website.

Please be aware that new server ports will be used in the implementation of Shared BIB. For those of you who need to work with campus IT to enable ports for your campus Firewall setup here are the new ports per institution (I believe FAMU and Gulf Coast have had issue with this in the past):

Client (pc_server) & SelfCheck (SIP2) Ports

SUL Client Port SelfCheck Port
Florida A &M 6532 8530
Central Florida 6572 8570
Florida Atlantic 6552 8550
Florida International 6562 -
Florida State 6587 8585
Gulf Coast 6542 -
New College 6582 -
North Florida 6557 -
South Florida 6597 8595 (Tampa), 8596 (St. Pete)
University of Florida 6547 8545 (West1), 8546 (West2), 8547 (Science)
West Florida 6567 -
SB 6525 -
SB-Mango and GenLoad 6528 -
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