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Client page on FLVC website

  • Go to the Aleph Clients page on our website to download the latest and greatest!
  • Uninstall your old Clients, see Obsolete Clients at bottom of page!
  • From the Clients page on the website, Choose your institution
  • Use Aleph staff log in to download clients
  • Follow installation instructions available

Current, Available Clients

Use FAMU Name Start Using Notes
Production SBAMProd 6/28/12 Released 6/8/12
Report SBAMRept 7/6/12 Released 6/8/12
Test SBAMTest 7/17/12 Released 6/26/12
Pre-merge copy AMRept Current Avail until 12/31/12 Use pre-merge individual Aleph Report clients

Obsolete clients - Uninstall

  • SFSingleBib, etc - clients used for the Single Bib Pilot Project
  • AMProd, etc - clients used for pre-merge individual Productions
  • AMTest, etc - clients used for pre-merge individual Tests
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