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Big Picture Differences

Aleph Architecture changes

  • Shared Bib Environment Overview
    • Conceptual change about bib record ownership
    • Goal is to not have duplicate Bib records - collaboration and efficiency
    • SUL association with a Bib is via HOL or Items
  • Shared configuration tables may mean joint decision making on some settings
  • Different Aleph numbers: transition process includes renumbering some, relinking everything
  • At each library, some workflow changes will be needed

What is Shared?

  • Patron identity information "lives" in the same place, e.g. Name, IDs, Addresses
  • Some configuration tables: id descriptions, some defaults
  • Bibliographic records, so when you look for bibs you may see all that are held by SULs
  • Permissions "live" in the same place

What is NOT Shared?

  • Patron privileges, i.e. relationship with each institution
  • Viewing of patrons or permissions (based on staff member's "home" library)
  • Circulation policies (open dates, due dates, fines, etc.)
  • Form labels and some drop-down menus
  • Course information
  • Local course reserves
  • Scheduled "batch" jobs (overdues, hold slips, etc.) - but they may run longer than currently

What might still change?

  • Additional IDs list - what would make it easier to navigate?
  • Reserves "Search" - trying to limit to local holdings
  • Services "Format" - testing local descriptions; may have to generalize

Related Topics of Interest


  • Little impact on users; look the same; Local catalogs continue as is
  • Bib. ownership changes impact what shows in Mango in local catalog
  • Bib/HOL/Items/Order Matrix


  • Aleph or Arrow reports that include Bib info. will change, others might

Project status

  • FCLA is setting up and testing load in Production environment
  • Still tweaking tables, indexes, etc.
  • Scheduled notices, reports and other jobs that run on a regular schedule (joblists)
  • Testing still to be done for interfaces to other systems (PLIF, cash export, etc.)

Transition tasks

  • FCLA is responsible for all FCLA provided services such as:
    • Patron loads
    • Cash export
    • Customized interfaces like AIMS interface (shared storage)
  • Libraries are responsible for local initiatives such as:
    • Macros (MacroExpress)
    • Locally created reports based on Oracle access
    • Other locally created scripts in Aleph

Upcoming training

Course Reserves in Shared Bib

  • Tuesday, June 5 2:00 p.m. EDT
  • Wednesday, June 6 10:00 a.m. EDT

Prepping for Transition

Topics will include offline circ, printing setup, client managmenent

  • Multiple sessions week of June 18

Office hours

At least Thursday, June 28 - Friday, June 29, more if needed

(Click for the Elluminate Recording of the 5/31/12 session)

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