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These areas of the Shared Bib Implementation Project will be handled a little differently from the other aspects. Jennifer Kuntz at FCLA will work with the Access Services Subcommittee of PSPC and the UBorrow Implementation Committee on issues of testing, training and any necessary changes in guidelines, etc. Since almost all aspects of these functionalities exist in the institutional Admin. files there should not be a lot of changes. There will need to be some coordination and testing.




Course Reserves

Thursday Morning Training, 5/31/12: Circulation and Course Reserves: What is Different in Shared Bib?

A look at what is now shared in the Shared Bib environment for Circulation and Course Reserves, and how that impacts (or doesn't) appearance and workflows in the Aleph client.

Access Services Transition Plan

Activating the "Fast Patron Registration" form in Circulation 4/11/12

The patron form is actually a client file setting. It's generally packaged into the default client, but got missed this time around so I'll make a note to ask for it to be included next time.

To fix this, here's how:

1. Close the Shared Bib Aleph client completely.

2. From the Windows Start menu, navigate to My Computer --> Local Disk (C:). Here's the file path: C:\AL500_SBXXTEST\Circ\tab\circ.ini (where "XX" is your two-letter institution code, e.g. UF, GC, etc.)

3. Open the circ.ini file in Notepad. Go to the [Patron] section and change FastPatronRegistration to Y:

[Patron] PictureDirectory=C:\Temp FastPatronRegistration=Y FilterProfileByLibrary=N

4. Save the file.

5. On reopening the Aleph Shared Bib client, she should get the usual patron registration form, rather than the Global Information form.

Patron cleanup underway 3/23/12

Details are listed on the page linked above. Jennifer will follow up with each institution as their patron "purge" is run so that they can review results in conjunction with FCLA.

Update on the Access Services call 2/3/12 by Jennifer Kuntz

Shared Bib: merge of all 11 institutions complete on UXTest

  1. Info about the project at the Shared Bib wiki:
  2. Clients are available from the FCLA Aleph clients page: Find your institution and download “UXTest Aleph Client”
  3. Shared Bib overview sessions next Tues. 2/7 at 3pm EST, and Thurs. 2/9 at 10am. Primarily focus is technical services. Jennifer will work with the Access Services group on testing circ, UBorrow and Reserves functionality.
  4. Cleanup: for this round, “purged” all patrons with no transactions, who expired 12/31/08 or before. Review patrons: you should be able to retrieve and work with. Also loans; will provide a list of some in Test for you to compare.
  5. Also should be able to create patrons, loan items. Familiarize yourself with how items look different when can view multiple holdings.
  6. Still reviewing Aleph table setup and checking functionality. May be some modifications needed.
  7. Have at least one month to review data in UXTest before the next merge. Next merge will require much more comprehensive review.
  8. Next focus area after circ functionality will be UBorrow, and batch jobs.

UXTest Release Notes for Circ/Res/ILL

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