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CAT fields in the merge

The records in the merged bib file are starting out with fresh CAT field histories. The existing CAT fields in the individual copies of a bib record in the separate Alephs are being dropped in the merge. Reasons for doing this include:===

  • Carrying forward the CAT fields from the separate Alephs could result in so many CATs on a bib that it would be too long and uneditable.
  • The CAT fields from the separate Alephs don't really have meaning for the new merged record. In particular, the history of who touched a record in the separate Alephs does not reflect how the shared record came to be.
  • The cataloging levels assigned in CAT fields vary widely across the SULs. Some libraries assign level 99 to everyone. Other libraries use a tiered system, with 40 as the highest level. If existing CAT fields carried forward into the merged record, a lot of SUL catalogers could be locked out of updating records whose last CAT field has level 99.

The merged bibs are made with a single CAT field that indicates they came from the initial merge for Shared Bib.

  • The merge CAT contains: Cataloger = SBMERGE; Level = 20; Date = date of the merge; Hour = time of the merge

CAT fields post-implementation (ongoing)

There need to be discussions about cat levels assigned to users for their Aleph permissions.

  • Can the group agree to use a tiered system of levels?

Example: 01=typist, 05=acq librarian; 10=beginner; 20=intermediate; 30=senior; 40=supervisor

  • What other issues should be discussed?
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