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Terms valid for use in bib records


Terms not valid for use in bib records


Discussion of DO NOT OFFLOAD

  • Originally used to mark records that should not be exported for FSU and UF for loading into RLIN, which at the time was a bibliographic utility competing with OCLC.
  • Evolved to indicate proprietary records.
  • Information gathered by Proprietary Records group indicates not all proprietary records require DO NOT OFFLOAD
  • Over time the reason for exporting records has changed. Used to mean, export for use by another bibliographic utility. Now records may be exported for a library's discovery tool, for resource sharing, for other purposes other than sharing metadata with other users of a bib utility.
  • In shared bib, DO NOT OFFLOAD has multiple meanings
    • do not export to OCLC
    • do not use if you didn't license the records
    • do not use for maintenance reasons. For example, do not use if not s Serials Solutions customer -- PDA/DDA partner -- whatever -- because the records may be deleted when Serials Solutions sends an update file -- when the PDA/DDA project ends -- etc.
    • other meanings?
  • Should DO NOT OFFLOAD be abandoned in favor of more descriptive terms? What other terms would better reflect what's meant?
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