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To understand the relationship between bibs/holdings/items/orders in Aleph and what displays in Mango a matrix was created in a google spreadsheet:


  • Bib - required. For any HOL, Item or Order record to exist there has to be a bib. record.
  • HOL - optional. HOL can be suppressed or not suppressed. Can have items linked to it or not.
  • Item - optional. Item can be suppressed or not suppressed. Can be linked to HOL. Can be linked to Order.
  • Order - optional. Decision to display or not from public view is made by the absence or presence of a linked item. The status that shows in the availability column in Mango is based on the *item IPS. The status of the order (on order, in process, etc.) can be automatically updated in the item based on changes in the order.

Aleph client Tree view

  • Orders only show in Acquisitions, not in Cataloging.
  • If an item is linked to a HOL it shows under HOL in the tree
  • If an item is not linked to a HOL it shows under ADM in the tree
  • You cannot tell from the tree if an order is linked to an item
  • Suppressed doesn’t affect the tree display, HOL and Items show even if suppressed

Public display in Mango

  • For a message to show in Mango you have to have an item in Aleph
  • For a bib. to show in Mango you have to have either an unsuppressed HOL or an unsuppressed Item
  • If there is a HOL and an ITEM that is unlinked (both not suppressed) Mango will display two locations
  • Any Bib that shows in one individual SUL will show in the union (UBorrow) Mango


  • Bib: a Bib is suppressed by not having any HOL or Item records for that SUL. Before shared bib records could be suppressed by adding a TAG STA=Suppressed. In the Shared Bib environment this mechanism does not work, since multiple institutions can share the same record. Therefore the STA=Suppressed tags are being deleted in the transition to Shared Bib. This poses problems if the linked HOL and Items have not been suppressed also. If no SUL has an active HOL or Item then the record does not show in Mango at all.
  • HOL: presence of a TAG STA=Suppressed
  • Items: items are suppressed in two ways:
    • the IPS is marked as do not show in OPAC (tab 15, col. 10=N). Any IPS can be marked N and not show. Most SULs use SP for suppressed items. Consult the IPS codes spreadsheet (.xlsx) to find out what IPS are suppressed from display for your library. This spreadsheet was created on Feb. 24th, 2012, any table changes since that time are not reflected in it.
    • it is linked to a HOL that is suppressed
  • Orders: Orders themselves don't show to the public, to display an order you must have an item with an order status. If you do not want to have an order show to the public you can either do not create an item or create an item and suppress it.. [Note: in the preShared Bib Mango some orders showed without Items because there was an ON ORDER note in the Bib. record.]

What shows in the Aleph client search

  • Each of the SULs have a logical base (or filter) which limits the searches to records with a HOL or item with their Sublibrary codes.
  • An order without an item or HOL will not show in the SUL logical bases.
  • All records are retrievable in UXU01 search library.

What gets transferred to external discovery tools

To be investigated.

This document is in draft, entries may change.

Last updated 5/4/12.

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