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  • FLVC has created a tool called GenLoad that allows staff in the libraries to load groups of records they receive from vendors or other sources without having to log onto the Aleph server. This tool has been enhanced to work in the Shared Bib environment and is now called GenloadSB. There are numerous loads being done by the libraries on a recurring basis. There are also some loads that are done only once. In addition some sets of records are updated/deleted via batch load. The Metadata subgroup has been working on the rules for cataloging in the Shared Bib. environment. At the same time FLVC is working with libraries to understand the goals of the load, figure out how the matching should work and protect desired data. In addition the issue of which bib. records are proprietary and cannot be shared in shared bib. environment has been referred to a special group.
  • Status:
  • GenloadSB client:
    • FLVC has updated the Genload client to work in the shared bib environment
      • Version of Genload for Shared Bib called GenloadSB
      • There we a number of versions of GenloadSB, make sure you have the most recent version
      • Representatives from each SUL have been trained
      • GenloadSB is being upgraded based on the needs we encounter while creating profiles in the new environment
      • Now that the new version is more stable, it is up on the regular client web pages
      • Can't use the older versions of Genload
    • Because of enhancements to GenLoad need to redo profiles in new GenloadSB
  • Process to create a new profile:
    • create a profile
    • send in ( new or revised profile
    • FLVC will review and lock the profile once it is ready for production
    • Add to clearinghouse of profiles
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