Aleph Procedures for Transferring Materials to FLARE

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(2/4/13 DRAFT for UCF)


FLARE (FLorida Academic Repository) is the shared collection housed in a high-density storage facility in Gainesville. For more information refer to the Statewide Storage Task Force page on the CSUL website.

The project is still in the preliminary stages, with much still to be decided. However, Aleph procedures are needed now for materials that are being pulled for shipment to FLARE. The following procedures are designed to add FLARE identifiers to item and holding records. As the FLARE project progresses, there probably will be adjustments. Following them will assure that libraries and FLVC will be able to identify the items for FLARE however the project evolves.

It is important for all libraries to follow a common procedure for Aleph updates for FLARE transfers. This will support SUL-wide reports, which can be designed to look for a predictable code in a predictable field in the records. Having a predictable code in a predictable field is also important for whatever batch processes will be needed to transform data for FLARE.

When a library is marking records for transfer to FLARE, a couple of things need to happen. The item/s and holdings (if all items sent) need to be suppressed from Mango and other discovery tools, as they’re unavailable until processed at FLARE. The items and holdings need some kind of coding that indicates materials were sent to FLARE. Aleph services should be used as much as possible to modify the items and holdings for efficiency and to ensure consistency and accuracy in coding.

To facilitate batch processing, FLVC recommends starting the process with a file of barcodes for the materials to be transferred. This file can be used to update the items, then turned into a file of holding numbers for holding updates. To simplify the process, items are processed the same way whether all the items linked to a holding are sent to FLARE (e.g., all volumes of a set) or only some items are sent (e.g., older volumes of a serial). The holding record modifications vary based on whether or not all items linked to the holding are sent to FLARE.

Aleph Procedures

  1. Scan barcodes into a file for materials pulled for FLARE. Create separate files for these groups:
    1. All items linked to a holding are pulled for FLARE (e.g. both volumes of a 2-volume monograph; the one item for a single-volume monograph)(File A)
    2. Only some items linked to a holding are pulled for FLARE (e.g., older bound volumes of a serial are pulled, newer volumes are retained) (File B)
  2. Run manage-70 to turn the file of barcodes into item numbers.
  3. Use the output from manage-70 (item numbers) as the input for manage-62. Run with these parameters:
    • Temporary/Permanent Location: Change to Temporary
    • From Collection: leave blank
    • To Collection: xxFLR (e.g., CFFLR for UCF)
    • From Item Status: leave blank
    • To Item Status: 95
  4. Run manage-70 to turn the file of barcodes into holding numbers.
    • Note that unlinked items will be reported as errors in the manage-70 log. These require manual review:
      • Link unlinked items as appropriate.
      • If no holding exists, create one and link the item to it.
  5. Use the output of manage-70 (UXU60 numbers) as the input for manage-21. What happens with manage-21 will be different for File A (all items sent to FLARE) and File B (some items sent to FLARE)
    1. File A (all items pulled): run manage-21 to add TKR and STA fields and modify 852 $c. Manage-21 will need to run twice, once to add the STA and modify the 852, once to add the TKR. The fields and contents are:
      • STA $$a FLARE
      • TKR $$a (MARC Org code)FLAREALL yyyymmdd
        • e.g., TKR $$a (FOFT)FLAREALL 20130204
      • 852## $$c xxFLR
        • e.g., 8521 $$a FOFT $$b CFMGC $$c CFFLR
    2. File B (some items pulled): run manage-21 to add a TKR field. Only a TKR is added:
      • TKR $$a (MARC Org code)FLAREPART yyyymmdd
        • e.g., TKR $$a (FOFT)FLAREPART 20130204
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