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Schedule Your Institution's FY Opening and Rollover Aleph Services

You can now schedule which day, beginning July 6th, you will run the opening of the new 2012/2013 Budgets and the Re-encumbering for monographs, serials and standing orders.

Local Implementation Teams

Representation of Acquisitions staff on the established Local Implementation Teams at each institutions. Each University will decide the makeup and coordination of their Local Implementation Team.

End of Fiscal Year - Dates Invoices Due to Accounts Payable

Please fill out the spreadsheet for each institution. Liaisons: due 4/15/12 Dates Invoices Due to Accounts Payable

Testing Acquisition and Serials Functionality in UXTest

Included in this Release

  • Order and Invoices created before December 15, 2011
  • Under the ALEPH toolbar check to make sure you are connected to your institution.

Problems Reported and Fixed or Explained

  • Creating Items Records when creating Monograph Orders
    • checkbox for automatic item creation (on tab 4 of order form) is set to "checked" or not for individual institutions
  • Initiator ID populated with Patron Index
  • Order numbers are taken from ADM numbers in Prod and in SB EX. BIB=18518184 ADM= 5505955 ORDER No. = 5505955-1
  • Acq Arrival Form getting xsl/xml error at FAMU - FIXED

What to Test

  • Review and introduce key Acquisitions staff to look at the merged bib records, item, holdings.
  • Review the Acq records, such as orders, invoices, budgets, vendors etc. Test the linking of all the various Acq records.
  • Begin review Aleph printing, services, reports and customized printed products.
  • After initial review, begin manual creation of orders, invoices, receiving, check-in.

Don't Test...

  • Vendor record loading
  • EDI ordering and invoicing
  • Custom Aleph services (custom-30)

FSU Testing Spreadsheet

FSU Spreadsheet UXTest 4/12/12

Acquisitions Subcommittee

The Technical Services Planning Committee is a CSUL committee consisting of three subcommittees. You can find more information on the Acquisitions Subcommittee pages. The subcommittee will be working with the Shared Bib Implementation Team to collaboratively work on testing and future workflow issues in the new Shared Bib environment.

Acquisitions' Workflow Documentation

Who in the SULs is using EDI and with what vendors?

  • This is very old information - Please Update the Google Spreadsheet for your Institutuion!

SULs and Vendor Record Batch Loading

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